Spiritual Wellbeing

At ASC we have a holistic view of what it means to be human on the continuum from suffering to wellbeing and we believe that addressing the spiritual aspects of the individual are an important factor in healthy living.

However ‘spirituality is an emotive term that that can create a sense of resistance or confusion. The spiritual does not necessarily refer to the religious, although certainly this would be included in the definition. Spirituality from the ASC perspective encompasses all of the non-physical.

Even the most materialist and atheistic of personalities has a set of beliefs about themselves, the world and others; has a meaning that they give to life; has a purpose which gets them out of bed each day.

At times we can lose our way and our faith; it can be extremely troubling to find that you are questioning a belief system that you feel is no longer supporting you – particularly if you have grown up within this belief system. It can seem as though the mere act of questioning is highly irreverent and this can be a disturbing and fearful time.

  • Are you questioning your established view of the world, the universe and your place in?
  • Do you feel that old patterns of beliefs or principles are holding you back?
  • Are you interested in personal growth and development?

At ASC our aim is to facilitate your own journey through spiritual unfoldment, we will not coerce you toward any particular direction, nor do we challenge your personal set of beliefs. With you, we honour and respect the unique unfolding of your life’s journey, however that manifests for you.