Loss can be associated with many situations not just death; other hurdles that life throws into our way can be accompanied with feelings of loss, disappointment, emptiness and hopelessness;

• ending of a relationship
• home or work move
• unemployment or change of career
• entering a new chapter of life such as retirement
• illness and/or ageing
• involvement in an accident
• enforced change
• victim of crime


It is a given of life that most of us will experience the death of a loved one; a partner, family member, a friend, pet or close colleague. Attachment and loss are intrinsic to relationship, to what it is to be human. To feel love, to feel attachment to another, increases the risk of loss and loss comes accompanied by the pain of grief, the pain of absence.

Unresolved grief can be stored in the body, long after the traumatic event or loss has passed and has been associated with cardio vascular and respiratory problems. A client shared his experience of feeling ‘a hole in the chest’ after the death of his father.

ASC provides a quiet, safe space to allow you time to reflect and come to terms with this inevitable and natural part of life. Religious views and/or spiritual practice may be an integral part of this process for you. ASC ensures the inclusivity of all spiritual views and practices, without judgement or prejudice.