Persistent Low Mood (Depression)

1 in 10 people will experience depressive symptoms at some point in life with the illness being more common in women (1 in 4) than in men (1 in 10). However men may be more likely to attempt suicide than women, possibly due to being less likely to seek help.

You may be suffering from depression if your feelings of sadness and low mood persist for weeks or months rather than days and previously routine daily tasks are now becoming unmanageable.

Other symptoms may include:
• feeling hopeless and/or powerless
• loss of self-esteem and confidence
• tearfulness
• irritable and intolerant of others
• lack of motivation
• difficulty making decisions
• lack of enjoyment and interest in activities and social events
• extreme tiredness and reduced sex drive
• suicidal thoughts

Often periods of depression will naturally lift without the need for medical intervention. Your GP may prescribe antidepressant medication alongside therapeutic support.

Evidence supports the effectiveness of psychotherapy in promoting recovery with or without medication.