Life Coaching

What is Personal Performance Coaching (Life Coaching)? How does it differ from Mentoring or Consulting?

Mentoring – Mentoring is essentially the sharing of experience and knowledge with someone who requires/is seeking direction. (Usually in the same area)

Consulting – A consultant will work with an individual or a group of individuals (commonly within a business) to diagnose a problem and recommend/advise solutions to fixing that problem

Coaching is a powerful medium that is used to unlock our potential and bridge the gap between where we are now to where we want to be.

We, as individuals, are responsible for our own progress and our own success. Coaching empowers others to take responsibility for their lives, the pitfalls and challenges they face, the goals they set and the actions they put in place to create their own success.

Coaches are simply a catalyst for this change!

Coaching can improve/increase many areas within our personal and also professional lives:
• Performance
• Awareness
• Confidence
• Productivity
• Positive Attitude
• Generate Responsibility
• Self esteem
• Ambition

A quick few key points to note are:
– People are less motivated to achieve when they haven’t set goals themselves.
– People are also often left de-motivated when offered advice and frequently don’t take it onboard or put it into action

People excel when they are working in congruence with their own DESIRE to achieve. The Grow model provides the key steps:

G – Goal (SMART)
R – Reality
O – Options
W – Way forward (Action)

This is one model that coaches use with their clients, colleagues or teams (in the workplace) to gain a full understanding of what an individual wants to achieve, what is getting in their way, how they could go about achieving their goal and most importantly setting an agreed action plan to ensure their success.
Reality – this stage is about understanding what the individual has specifically done so far to reach their goal, identifying the challenges they are facing and most importantly identifying their strengths and what learning they can use from previous experiences to help them now.

Options – What can YOU do to achieve this goal? What else? What else? What el…

Way forward – What are YOU going to do? How are YOU going to do it? What could stop YOU & what are YOU going to do about it? When are YOU going to do it?

Why not give it a go? What have you got to lose?

Coaching can be adapted for personal, professional, individual or team strategies.