Our Aim and Purpose

• To alleviate suffering
• To foster compassion and do no harm
• Develop personal awareness
• To maintain humility & Integrity
• Transparency

Our ethos is one of an holistic approach to health. We are committed to assimilating current research findings into our practice, even when this challenges our existing understanding or knowledge. Where possible, ASC promotes a natural path to recovery, through interventions that support whole body wellbeing.

Our model of the human being acknowledges five aspects of our experiences;
• Physiological – body
• Psychological – mind
• Behavioural – action
• Emotional – feeling
• Spiritual – non-physical

We are connected to a wide network of other professional bodies and provide training and information forums to other professional organisations. Our therapists bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience from varying backgrounds including; Education, NHS, Clinical MH Services, Acute & Crisis Care & Charities; all are accredited with either UKCP or BACP to ensure ethical standards and safeguarding responsibilities are upheld.