Most of us have patterns of behaviour or ‘habits’ that we invest in regularly to change our existing physical and emotional state to an alternative preferred state of being. These behaviours can be quite healthy such as regular exercise, ‘treats’ such as coffee & cake, or fun social occasions like going to a casino. However sometimes these habits can begin to feel less joyful and more necessary; creating a sense of discomfort, craving and irritability when not fulfilled.

  • Are you beginning to feel that your actions are increasingly out of your control?
  • Are you worried that you have become dependent on drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, shopping or food?
  • Do you feel defensive when friends or family comment on your use of a behaviour or substance?
  • Are you experiencing financial difficulty as a result of a behaviour that feels unmanageable?
  • Is your physical and/or mental health suffering?

At ASC we provide a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment to talk about any concerns you may have. We also support families dealing with the effects of addiction and alcohol dependency. We can also signpost you to further specialist care if you require more intensive support.