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ASC Wellbeing Clinic

ASC is a family run private psychotherapy and counselling service for children, adolscents, adults and families which has been established for over 10 years. We provide the highest standards of care within a safe and positive environment. We are passionate in supporting you to achieve your maximum potential, to feel heard, valued and understood.


We can support you with everyday challenges such as low self esteem, assertiveness and confidence building, through moderate difficulties such as relationship and sexual issues to more severe presentations such as trauma and addiction. We provide group psycho-education for behavioural concerns such as anger management and personal development.

We provide 1:1 psychotherapy sessions, CBT sessions, as well as family and couples therapy.


Our ethos is one of an holistic approach to health. We are committed to assimilating current research findings into our practice, even when this challenges our existing understanding or knowledge. Where possible, ASC promotes a natural path to recovery, through interventions that support whole body wellbeing.

Our model of the human being acknowledges five aspects of our experiences;

• Physiological – body

• Psychological – mind

• Behavioural – action

• Emotional – feeling

• Spiritual – non-physical


Some of the local organisations that we work with: